Kenko Tea: Old school And New World Combine For Wonderful Results

If you are like me, you spend half your time lamenting about how much better it was back in the day and the other half of your time you relish today’s technology. I guess it is human nature to have one foot in the past and the other in the present. Heck, if we had three feet, I bet we would place that other foot in the future somehow.


Well, I have found a tea that satisfies my yearning for the past as well as my enjoyment of today’s modernization. Kenko tea comes from the Ashitaba plant which is grown in the lush islands of the southern part of Japan. But, it is not just grown there, it is grown and harvested by people who adhere to time-honored traditions.

The healing properties of Ashitaba tea have been known for generations by the Japanese. And, as with anything in Japan that is generational, there are customs and rituals associated with this magnificent plant. But the story of this tea does not stop with this historic landscape or the traditional way that Ashitaba is grown and harvested.

After harvesting the plant is when old school meets new technology. These wondrous tea leaves are processed via a patented low heat method so that the magical properties of Ashitaba tea leaves can be preserved. The leaves are reduced to a powder, packaged and shipped with only one thing in mind – preserving the health benefits of these tea leaves as much as possible.

The end result combines the best of old-world remedies and new-world science. Just holding the containers used to house this tea reminds one of the historical traditions of Japan. However, when you smell the freshness that is locked inside these ornate receptacles, it is like you are standing in the middle of an Ashitaba plant field in southern Japan. It is impossible not to be mindful of the history and customs associated with the plant and its homeland.

However, you do not need to be mindful of the past to enjoy the benefits of Kenko in your day. The properties of Ashitaba tea leaves until recently have only been known to be good for you. However, with technology scientists have discovered how the leaves help rid your body of toxins and help boost your immune system. In fact, only half a teaspoon daily of a tea is enough for your body to experience the benefits of the Ashitaba tea leaf.

If you want to stick to traditional methods, you can combine the tea powder with hot water and enjoy the healing via a hot cup of tea. If you really want to get into the history of this plant, you can even buy a traditional Japanese tea set to use for you hot tea treatment.

However, there is no need to use traditional methods because Kenko tea powder can be added to your daily smoothie routine or even just dumped into any juice that you drink daily. There are so many ways to get the healing powers of the Ashitaba tea leaves into your body.