Don’t generalize your life, choose it

With the rapid advancement of technologies, today’s young adults and so-called millennials have far more opportunities than their parents, grandparents and even great grand parents have ever had. But a new form of muted delinquency has also set in. Young adults and even college students, not all of them, mind you, are playing what their grandparents would have called truant. Without wishing to patronize today’s youth, essentially, the world’s future productive citizens, not many of today’s millennials would even know what that word or expression even means.

To be truant essentially means that you are skipping classes, preferring to spend your productive time doing fun things that have captured your imagination. Most of you, in accordance with your human nature, are social creatures, and prefer to spend your stolen moments with others. What many of you will be doing during these hours is a general social phenomenon. In a nutshell, you will basically just be ‘hanging out’.

Parents cannot be expected to do all the work preparing you for your productive adult life. By the time you do reach college age, and many of you are making it, you should be taking full advantage of this opportunity to learn as much as possible about life in the past, the present and the future. Many young adults simply say that they have had enough of studying subjects that to them are utterly boring. But really, guys, there is nothing stopping you being productive in engulfing yourselves in the things you are most passionate about.

Two of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, college drop-outs to boot, got it right. You can too. Richard Branson sold soft-covered second hand magazines from his parent’s garage. Steve Jobs and his pal, also named Steve, built computers from his parent’s garage. And just look at what they achieved.